lindsay j. pryor’s blood roses (book 2 – blackthorn series)

title: blood roses (book 2)

author: lindsay j. pryor

series: blackthorn

publisher: bookouture

genre: paranormal romance

length: 400 pages

Blood Roses is the second installment in the Blackthorn series and tells the story of Leila and Caleb.

She is a Serryn.  Her blood is poison to vampires.  He is a Serryn hunter.  He holds a grudge against the venomous witches he blames for his brother’s death.

Natural born enemies, they come together under precarious circumstances.

One frantic phone call changes both their destinies.  Fearing her sister is in grave danger, Leila rushes to her rescue with a powerful book of spells in tow.  But when she sets foot in Blackthorn, everything changes.

She learns her sister has fallen in love with a vampire and what’s worse, she must save his life in order to get save her sister.  Enter Caleb Dehain.  His beloved brother is on death’s bed and Leila is the only one who can save him.  He isn’t about to let the powerful witch walk away without using her magic to bring his brother back to life.

So begins the wicked love story between Leila and Caleb.  Wicked because despite the all-consuming attraction between the two, neither has faith in the other.  Their love is tainted by lies and deceit.

Throw in a prophecy and all hell between these two breaks lose.  When Caleb realizes Leila must be sacrificed for the good of the vampire race, there is little hesitation on his part.  He is determined to do what’s right for his people despite how he feels about her.

Leila isn’t stupid though.  She realizes even though she’s fallen in love with the vampire, trust is definitely an issue.  And it’s her love that thwarts Caleb’s plans.

Theirs is a doomed relationship but one both feel worth fighting for — maybe.

It’s a constant tussle between these two, a one up-man ship that gets more complex with every turn of the page.  The tedious nature of the game played between these two is riveting.

Leila and Caleb are equals in everyway, both staunch believers in their cause yet unrelenting in their desire for the other.

I enjoyed Blood Roses immensely.  The passionate sparring was supremely entertaining.

Ms. Pryor is a superb writer. I enjoy her writing style tremendously.  Well written and engaging, Blood Roses is a must read.

I give Blood Roses Black Textile Star-24x24Black Textile Star-24x24Black Textile Star-24x24Black Textile Star-24x24Black Textile Star-24x24! Enjoy!


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