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by: veena kashyap

june, 2014

It’s #MondayBlogs and here is my contribution! This is a serious stuff. Trust me; I speak from experience and cannot impress enough how important cloud storage and backup for writers is.

If you are a writer, then like me, you probably have a large volume of data files. But unlike me, I hope you have a backup plan in place that safely stores then backups your data on scheduled intervals and allows you to restore your data at a moment’s notice.

If not, then this post is for you. Cloud storage and backup for writers is critical for keeping your data safe and sound.

Despite being a technologist and being fully aware that data needs to be backed up regularly, I didn’t implement the best practice until very recently.

I cannot impress enough how key it is you take time to invest in a sound storage and backup plan. Imagine what would happen if your lap / desktop decides to flake out on you and nothing on your machine can be restored. Now what? Yeah, no number of tears or prayers to the Computer Gods will bring those files back if the hard drive is fried. It doesn’t have to be all files, it could be the 100K-word manuscript you distractedly trashed and poof, it’s gone forever. Stuff happens but hopefully this primer on cloud storage and backup for writers will help you from letting such tragedy strike.

My husband who happens to be a cloud expert warned me I may be pushing my luck by not regularly backing up the forty gigs of data sitting on my hard-drive. I finally listened and here’s some insight on what storage and backup and services to support your needs.

So what is storage? Storage is where your data is housed. Inherently data is stored on your hard-drive. And what is backup? A backup is a copy of what’s housed on your hard-drive on another mechanism. A backup stores and restores your data in the event of technical apocalypse (think laptop crash.) Unable to recover files after a crash is bad news. Really bad news.

Case in point, recently a friend of mine who was working on a major project had laptop meltdown and lost everything. The hard drive crashed and very little of her 30 or so gigs of data was recovered. It was horrible to watch her grieve and grieve she did. She shed quite a few tears but was lucky she had hard-copies of some of her most pertinent work.

We both learned a hard lesson and trust me I do not enjoy learning lessons from the misery of loved ones. Right then I decided to look into options for storage and backup and turned to the cloud as the solution to my storage and backup (or lack thereof) problem.

So why the cloud? Cloud is a virtual storage framework managed by third parties providing encrypted data storage with redundant backup.

In other words, data is stored in a remote and highly secure datacenter by a trust-worthy third party. The data is encrypted or uses some kind of two-step verification, making it impossible to access and read by others. Redundancy simply means data is stored on data servers in disparate locations. Why is that important, well if one server or an entire data center goes down, you need the ability to get to your data, this is how to ensure 24/7 data availability. Depending on what service you choose depends on what kind of level of service you will receive.

Most companies allow you to schedule automated back-ups or you can manually initiate whenever you have changes to your data. You can use your lap / desktop, cell phone, tablet to manage your back-ups anywhere, anytime.

Cloud storage and backup for writers is critical and there are a lot of services out there. I spent a lot of time researching before I made a decision on a service. I took reputation, features and price as my topmost criteria when selecting a vendor for my cloud backup and storage needs and decided to go with Justcloud.

The reason was simple, for $9.95 a month, I have unlimited storage and stellar backup features which is far better pricing than any of the competitors listed below. The reviews from other users for Justcloud were ridiculously awesome.

Here are some other reasons I went with Justcloud: Uses military grade encryption, provides geo-redundant storage, runs automated backups that I can schedule, provides 24/7 customer support and is super easy to use. These were key differences I found that outscored Justcloud from DropboxGoogle Drive and Microsoft’s One Drive.

The initial upload of 40+ gigs of data took over seven hours however the daily automated backup that synchs up new files runs in the background and is super quick.

Still, the choice is up to you. Listed below are some of the more popular cloud backup services out there popular with a lot of writer. I’ll leave the decision up to you but whatever service you did to go with, make sure you make a choice and get your data backed up STAT!



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